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Information for Refugees

General Information

The Stockach public library is a communal and municipal information service provider and welcomes everyone who wishes to make use of it. Are you looking for specific books/information and not able to find it? Do not hesitate to ask us for help. We look forward to receiving your queries and recommendations.

The municipal libary has 24.000 volumes for loan, including:

  • books (fiction + non fiction, ca. 300 in English
  • e-books* magazines, local newspaper ("Südkurier")
  • audiobooks (also in English)
  • language courses
  • board games
  • music CDs
  • CD-ROMs, Nintendo DS games
  • DVDs
  • comics

Facilities - WiFi and more

The in-house use of all media and facilities is open to everybody free of charge. The library offers:

  • WiFi access (codes available at the Tourist-Information desk)
  • iPad + earphones
  • PC-workstation with MS-Office-programs
  • stationery PC-workstations with internet-access
  • photocopier +  colour printer (A4 sheet 0,15 €)
  • coffee machine (0,50 €)
  • quiet working/ reading areas
  • interlibrary loan (any non-fiction book currently not in stock can be borrowed from another German library at a fee of 2,- € per book)
  • reading area with German magazines and the local newspaper (e.g. computer magazines and "Deutsch perfekt" for intermediate lerners)

Learning German

The library has a special collection of books and self-learning language courses for learners of  German from beginner (A1) to advanced level (C1), including easy reading books with CDs, pictorial dictionaries and grammar courses. The purchase of these mediums was sponsored by the "Bürgerstiftung Stockach".

Offers for children

The Stockach public library specialises in media for children, young adults and parents and therefore offers

  • picture books (some in  English, some without text)
  • fiction and non-fiction for any level ordered by age and interest
  • audiobooks
  • DVDs (also with english or arab subtitles)
  • games
  • magazines
  • comics
  • children's story times: from september to may every monday afternoon from 3.00 to 4.00 p.m. for children from 2-7
  • Tiptoi: children's books with additional sound, speech and music coming from an electronic pen, which can be borrowed (1,- €)
  • LÜK-books für "German as a second language"

How to borrow items

Prospective members must register at the desk in the entrance area. They are required to show their passport  or another officially acknowledged document (with photograph) in combination with the confirmation of residence. The "Stockach Sozialpass" is sufficient!

The annual membership fee for adults is 9,- €, for families 15,- €. On presentation of the "Sozialpass" the fee is reduced to 4,50 € resp. 7,50 €. The shortterm membership card is valid for 2 months and costs 3,- € (reduced fee for "Sozialpass"-holders: 1,50 €) An additional fee applies on the loan of DVDs (1,- € per week) and Nintendo DS games (1,- € for 2 weeks).

The loan periods are

  • for books 4 weeks
  • for DVDs 1 week
  • everything else 2 weeks

Users who borrow items receive an issue slip containing a list of the borrowed items and the date when they are due to be returned. It is possible to return borrowed items anytime by dropping them into the box next to the entrance. Renewals are possible personally, by phone or by internet.

Library catalogue

The catalogue contains information on all media items and their current availability. Users can access the catalouge online and on the catalogue computers in the library. Via the catalouge you are able to search our collection, reserve borrowed items (0,60 €) and to check your account including renewals.